Creative Ways Of Saying Thank You

Language is just a medium of expressing our emotions to the person we want to! Being polite costs nothing but it earns a lot! Saying or expressing our gratitude through the phrase ‘Thank you’ is one of many tools through which we express politeness to the person at hand.

The many ways to say thank you are as under-

1. Make a Card.


Who doesn’t love handmade cards? Well, I do and almost everyone else I know does. Making a card for someone and including a personalised thank you note in it will surely bring a big smile on the face of the recipient. Try using laces, beads and colourful paper as well to make the card more creative.


2. Bake a Cake.

GTI25489A thank you, cake beats everything else. Baking a cake for someone shows that you care for them. Find out their favourite cake and surprise them with one.



3. Get a beautiful jar filled with their favourite candies.

candyEveryone loves transparent beautiful jars with colourful candies in it. Don’t you? Take different types of candies and fill the jar with it. You can use chocolate too if you want. And get personalised labels for the jars. You can make one by yourself or order them online.


4. Say it in other languages

4759535950_7bca6684c8No no! You don’t have to be a linguistic expert. Just in place of saying, “Thank you,” write or make a video of you telling them to thank you in different languages. But this should be used only when the the recepient of your gratitude is close to you and you have received a great favour or are really happy due to them.
We provide you with a list of ‘thank you’  in some common languages:

  • AFRIKAANS – dankie
  • ARABIC – shukran
  • DUTCH – dank u
  • FRENCH – merci
  • GERMAN – danke
  • HAWAIIAN – mahalo
  • HINDI – dhanyavād
  • ITALIAN – grazie
  • SPANISH – gracias

5. Try writing a poem.

mothers-day-thank-you-poem-21345856Write a poem! It need not be perfect but just try writing a thank-you poem. Take help of thesaurus for getting synonyms and rhyming words. Well, then write it on a nice paper with colour pencils. It will make a beautiful ‘thank you’ gift. The more original the better!

6. Invite them to a dinner.

Everyone lovesIdeas-For-Dinner-Tonigth to eat. Well yeah!  Invite them to a dinner with their family. Get to know their favourite cuisines and cook them their favourite dishes or what you make the best. Knock their socks off! Culinary science to the rescue!



7. Make a video.

Video_CameraSometimes, actually hearing someone say, ‘Thank you’ can make all the difference. Take it a step further and create a special video of thanks for your friends, family, and those special people who helped and made your day so important. It may also be used when you are not so comfortbale to say ‘thank you’ in person.

8. Write a hand-written letter.


In this world of Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat, handwritten letters are a forgotten thing. So it will be a pleasant surprise if someone gets a handwritten letter of thanks suddenly. Keep it short and precise.


9. Take them out.

resorts-for-corporate-team-outing-near-bangalore-mysore-1024x681Well, nothing manifests better friendly gesture than taking someone out. It mainly applies to people of your same status or age or even under. So take them out to a lunch or dinner or just to grab mere snacks! It will speak volumes.

10. Make a donation in their name.


Offering a donation in their name will be really appreciated and will spread a little bit of kindness as well. It can be money or clothes or books but at the end of the day you will feel equally serene.




11. Simple say Thank You.

thank-youWell, sometimes the simplest form of things trumps all the other. As they say in simplicity lies the key to greatness! So, go ahead and just say ‘Thank you’! Period.




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Cheer guys! Have a great time!



10 thoughts on “Creative Ways Of Saying Thank You

  1. . . . Most Interesting and educative too.

    So I’m looking forward to a thank you cake then.


    I’m Nigerian, let me say it in 3 of our local languages.

    In Yoruba, ‘O se’
    In Igbo, ‘Dalu’
    In Hausa, ‘Nagode’

    Thank you once again.


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