You were my rich, you were my wealth
You were my ditch, you were my well
You were the only lamp in my life
You were the only place to dwell

I had you, I had the universe
You were with me when all were inverse
Without you, my life is a curse
And festivals that would come are nothing but worse


They all were jealous of me; for having you
And for our break-up, they were finding clues;
O’ God thanks for ignoring them,
But still on themselves, they had no same

But, once the thunder fell upon me
And time came to say goodbye to thee
And just for a loaf of bread
I had to (reluctantly) desert , honesty !

                                                  – A poem by Rohit Srivastava.


I was aiming to write a sonnet but had to add two extra lines in order to complete the tale.

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It is a tough world out there but we cannot afford to lose HOPE.

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