Animals with Abilities that will Blow Your Mind Part-1

​By animals, we generally visualize animals walking on four foot or birds flying or fishes swimmimg. But actually if we look closely, animals are much more than just that. Here, I bring you some unique abilities of some animals which will make you envy them.

1. Lyrebird


Lyrebird males spend much of their time trying to attract mates by mimicking the sounds of not only 20 other bird species, but also man-made sounds like car alarms and chainsaws!

2. Opossum


The most well-known defensive trait of the common North American opossum is its overwhelming instinct to simply fake death when confronted with danger.  Add to that, these guys also come equipped with a peptide that neutralizes snake venom!

3. Horned Lizard


When a horned lizard feels threatened by a predator,its final defense response is to shoot blood from these flooded sinuses and out its eye sockets. As a result, the predator is often frightened and flees. The lizard also uses this mechanism to remove foreign particles from the surface of its eyes.

4.Mimic Octopus


The Mimic Octopus can actually impersonate other creatures.The Mimic Octopus aka Thaumoctopus mimicus can mimic  venomous sole, lion fish, sea snakes, sea anemones, and jellyfish.

5. Platypus


Unlike any other mammal on this planet, platypuses have the curious ability to perceive underwater prey using underwater detection referred to as electroreception. Electroreception allows platypuses to use electrical impulses to locate objects in the deepest and darkest of waters.

6. Spiny Mouse


Not only can they discard chunks of their skin to release himself from a predator’s clutches, but they are also capable of re-growing the skin, cartilage, fur and even his sweat glands once they’re removed.

Part-2 is on the way.

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