The Final Conundrum

Now sorrows are my bread;
And tears are my wine.
Still, I can’t find an ending,
Of the adversity of mine.

There are teasings, pains, great!
Enough to make one desperate,
And it seems to me, it is too late.
How terrible it is, to imagine my fate.

Yet, the flame of hope shines!
But it is far and far from mine;
As I am tied upon and intertwined,
And I am only bound to gaze the flame that ‘Shine’!

But still, I wouldn’t give up , but would gleam,
And try to win , although my defeat probably seems,
And struggle against this world and so with cruel time;
As long as there is left a drop of blood in body-mine.

                                                                – A sonnet by Rohit Srivastava


Life is full of conundrums. To give up or not to give up remains the biggest one.
Whichever venture you choose to shine in, don’t you dare to give up!

This poem, written by me in February 2008 was my second one. 

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