The Sinking Sun

Look at the sinking Sun in the west,
Look at, his beauty, most different from the rest,
Look at his beams, as red as gems,
Look at this scene, upon our heart which overwhelms.


For them, it is a symbol of failure.
For me, it is an omen to start!
Start again my journey, and learn how to cure,
From dirty dust, the pieces of emeralds.




This Sun in the west teaches us, thus,
We all will die and come to dust;
For entrance of ‘HIM’ (death) is a must,
And even the blooming flowers would be crushed.


One who has born , tomorrow must die,
And to this whole world bid ‘goodbye’!
So, we shouldn’t pride upon ‘blissful’ we,
For, all will follow the same fate of ‘thee’.


Remember ! once he had given us a day,
Now, for his end , he gently awaits,
So, we should salute to his sacrifice O’ great;
Only given to gift us , a new day!

                                    – A poem by Rohit Srivastava.


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Sometimes  one must depart to make way for the new.

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4 thoughts on “The Sinking Sun

      1. You must have really liked the poem ! 🙂

        Thanks! Your words will serve as motivation for me for a long time!
        🙂 🙂


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