Do You Breathe?

A man went on mountaineering but got caught in an avalanche and then bad weather. He remained stuck in that freezing conditions for several hours before he passed away. Before dying he left a note on his writing pad for his posthumous visitor and his son at home.
He has asked some introspective questions to the reader of this letter while he awaits for his death peacefully!

Hey You and Jimmy,

Waiting to die. Trying to enjoy these last breaths. To close the eyes. To have a trip of the surge. To feel the transcendence.

How does it feel to die?

They say your whole life is played in a flashback manner. Flip-flap. Is it something? Does it feel good? The nostalgic film. Maybe ! Maybe not!! It may be different for different people. I can narrate the only mine, and it is not good. There are so many pending jobs to be done. So many days to be enjoyed. But no more? I wish I could bottle up this feeling and see it.

It feels so incomplete. It feels so void, yet so serene. No white light is seen but it is just so silent. But, feels warm at the heart. Sure I am going to die but I am jealous! So jealous!
Not of death for stealing my life. But of my posthumous reader. In a good sense, though.
I am just gonna ask you to do one thing.
Make a list of things you want to do in your life. Set goals and work towards them. Decide. In this life do you wanna live?
Can you be stronger?
More compassionate?
Is this the best you can be?
Decide! Breathe in, breath out and decide!
I literally don’t have enough consciousness to write anymore.And for Jimmy(a real Star Trek fan)-


I know you will meet a girl someday and start a family. My blessings will always be with you.Have a blast kiddo! You are the brightest of them all. 🙂


                                                                                                         Yours loving,



Hope you enjoyed this letter.

So just breathe!
This story was written by me during a class in which I was really bored!

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See you again in the next article. Till then cheers guys! Have a good one!


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