White And Black


Love, love me do!
You know, I love you;
I’ll always be true,
So please, love me do!

With white frock and glass shoe,
No makeup, brightened you;
Taking over me like the flu,
Oh God! You are so cute!

Happy Couple

Love, love me do!

Someone to love,
Someone to tease;
Somebody like dove,
Oh please! Please! Please!


But I don’t wanna lie,
And definitely not shy
It were you who said ‘bye’;
Oh no!!! Baby why?

Now nights are dark,51-sad-breakup-quotes-that-make-you-cry-1024x682-1
And the moon; less bright;
Forget about being lark,
Love’s replaced by fright!

I am no Romeo,
Not a poet at all!
But definitely into forget.io
Not ready to fall.

One thing to say; and must say aloud,
And you must listen, without my doubt,
There was one, and will no one but you;
Sorry, please! Please! Love me do!!!

                                             – A poem by Rohit Srivastava


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Sometimes  relationships can make you experience really contrasting feelings!
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