Creative Ways of Bidding Farewell

Goodbyes are personal, especially if it’s coming from a loved one or a colleague. A simple goodbye may be enough, but why not use your creativity to make farewell special. The extra effort you make in bidding someone farewell will make him or her feel grand. Chances are, your goodbye will forge a lifetime bond between you and that person.

1. Surprise Party-

byeWhat better than a surprise party by family and friends before going away? Plan a surprise party for them and arrange things that they like and they will cherish the moments forever.

2. Farewell Book-

A book full of honest thoughts and messages by close friends and family will make the person feel loved. So make a handmade copy or buy a copy and fill it up with messages.

Goodbye-Letter-To-Co-Worker-400x3693. Sing a song-

Take one of their favourite songs and sing it to them, one that they enjoy a lot. And it will surely make their day.

4. Frame a photo of that person with you and gift it to them-

Everyone loves photoframes. It will be a thoughtful gift on your part and surely bring a smile on the face of that person.

Do you have any other creative idea of bidding someone farewell? If yes, do let us know by commenting!

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