Movies Recommended For Entrepreneurs​ Part: 1

This series of IT STARTS WITH A COFFEE comprises of 6 movies which should be watched by every entrepreneur. Both posts of the series will have three movies.

They’ve won the academy awards, on the same hand they’ve also bagged the raspberries, but, whatever their critical reviews suggest they are a marvellous embodiment of fine cinematography from an entrepreneurial perspective.critical reviews suggest they are a marvellous embodiment of fine cinematography from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Besides citing some of the best rags to riches stories these movies are a source of motivation for many entrepreneurs.

Many of these do have some fictional tastes in them, most of them being true stories, but a little bit of fiction never hurts!
Also, quoting a dialogue from one of these flicks- “whatever floats your boat, pal!”



Steve Jobs(2015)


This 2015 Danny Bole’s biographical drama starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen is based on numerous interviews exhibiting the journey of Silicon Valley’s superstar CEO, Steve Jobs.

This movie is a beautiful portrayal of Jobs’ life and by my opinion one of the best movies for entrepreneurs as it manifests how time can turn against you and yet in your favour again. You just have to believe in yourself and have foresight.

We shouldn’t just quit when things get a bit rough. Even likes of Steve have to leave APPLE once.
Though not a box-office success, the movie teaches us the value of innovation, the importance of marketing how you’ve to crack some eggs to make an omelette.



The Social Network(2010)


This 2010 Academy award winning phenomenal hit presented before the world a never-before-seen image of Mark Zuckerberg and his transformation from a college nerd to the corporate king.
This movie is the highest grossing movie on this list. There are few things to learn from it—

Firstly, you got to know the potential of your start-up. When things get a little rough always believe in that potential and try seeing the bigger picture.

Secondly, you must have the required dedication and excitement for your work. Your start-up has to be something that you are ready to give up everything else for.


Also, on an additional note, as it worked for Mark, always be open to ideas and leave room for innovation. We may not score the 1600s in our SATs but adaptability always comes in handy on the corporate side of the world.



The Pursuit of Happyness(2006)


In this list of movies for entrepreneurs, this movie is the only one which focuses on crude hard work and sacrifices made by the lead character.
It’s a  story of the struggle of a broken person who wants to meet his family daily needs and aspires to be a stockbroker.
This movie based on real-life of Chris Gardner.

So, if your start-up doesn’t generate enough revenue as you projected or you seems to enter an impasse just remember these lines —-

“Lord don’t move that mountain;
Give me strength to climb it.”

“You gotta a dream, you gotta protect it. Period.”



These are the three best movies I came up with in this post. Stay with us for the next part of the post which will be published in upcoming days.

What do you think about these movies and how many of these have you already watched, let us know in the comment section below.

Look around, there is a bit of stuff of everybody.:)
Meet you guys again in the next article.
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Till then cheers guys, have a good one!🙂




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