Trepidation Of Human Will

Walking down the endless road, the vessels did constrict and the nerves did fail. Only the constant urge of keeping akin with the faith of winning gave him the surplus amount of spirit to march towards a destination.A shortcoming, a failure, a desperation, a storm out had been the sufficient parcel of strength to keep the hopes high.

Sitting down the alley of preserved thoughts, a sudden quake sounded breaking the prolonged silence. A new, refreshing, cherished gust of wind managed a path through the sunken dreams. a new art of ‘imagination’ took birth. ODE TO IMAGINATION!

A supplement to meet the obesity of the heart’s demands, a complementary content to reflect the disproportionate thoughts encircling the blank spaces of the mind. They found a “collision”, such extraordinary and so very vibrant that nature extended a hearty welcome to the essence

and the new essence. rebirth got assured.climber-299018_1920


Mocked, mockery, jokes and puns distanced by thoughts, the depression grew. a crater, a grand canyon in making. The funnels in his head had all the turmoil possible for a single brain. It was then, that all his sarcasm turned into silence. A prolonged silence!


This beautiful piece of sublime style and wordplay is written by Raunak Nayak.
It Starts With A Coffee thanks Raunak for sharing with us one of his many fascinating works.

Looking forward to other literary work of our young guest blogger!

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