How do entrepreneurs deal with rejection and keep moving?

Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Brian Acton, Lise Meitner, Henri Becquerel, do you know what these people had in common?

They were all forced to drink down the potion of rejection in early stages of their life.I am not saying to go and have one rejection as well recommended pill but if you come across them then don’t let it stop pursuing and achieving your dreams of having the greatest start-up.

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You are definitely going to succeed but for that, you have to work hard for your goals and believe in yourself and in the fact that it will soon turn out to be a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’!

So this is how entrepreneurs deal with rejection while moving forward on the path to success. After all, failure is the key to success. And on this treacherous journey, you cannot afford rejection to wear down your will to succeed!

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