6 Wierd Ice-Cream Flavours

Who loves ice-cream? Me! Me! Me! Well, almost everyone loves ice-creams with Vanilla being the most popular flavour followed by Chocolate. My personal favourite is Mango. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should believe me. Its delicious. Well, in this article which I am writing after many days we bring you 6 wierd as well as creepy ice-cream flavours that exist. 

1. Crocodile egg ice cream:

These are actually made from actual crocodile eggs.

2. Octopus ice cream:stm5390cfd5e135320140605

It is also known as “Tako Aisu”, which “Tako” means octopus in Japanese. These are made from actual octopus.

3. Horsemeat ice cream:

It is a raw horse’s meat ice cream. Raw horse’s meat turns into a really delicious sushi in Japan, and maybe because of that reason, they also think that this kind of ice cream’s flavor should be delicious too.

4. Squid Ice cream:squid-ink-ice-cream

The cool black-blue coloring of squid ink swirls nicely in a vanilla-flavored ice cream, but it doesn’t give much flavour.

5. Goat Ice Cream:

Earlier it used to be made from goat’s milk, but then some Japanese brands started adding goat meat to it making it to this list.

6. Whale Ice Cream:


Well, whale ice cream uses real whale blubber to achieve that fantastic taste.

Is there any strange flavour you know about? Do let us know about that!

And what is your favorite flavour? Share with us by commenting below. 

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26 thoughts on “6 Wierd Ice-Cream Flavours

      1. keep it. haaa haaa
        but also keep some antiemetic medicines handy for your readers.
        joking. ha haaaaa
        I mean the horse and the goat.
        thank god the tribes of Nagaland haven’t read this or they may experiment the same with some humans.
        I mean how does it sound –
        Human Cannibalised Icecream ? :O

        Liked by 1 person

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