First Job! 

​Yes! We(both of us) got placed at Cognizant Technology Solutions! 

This was the reason we were absent from the blogging world! 

It was a tiring yet new experience for us!

It started when we came to know first that Cognizant will be visiting our campus on 13th and we started preparing only to be informed that it will be visiting us on 22nd. And we worked harder. Studies daily together and prepared ourselves for Cognizant.

We had to appear for the online Aptitude Test on the 22nd after an extremely tiring day on 21st! And after the Test , we were scared about the results. In the evening when we saw our names on the list of people who passed the test, we were happy but I was tensed. After all, it was going to be my first interview. 
What if I go numb?

What if I forget everything I ever studied?

What if I get nervous?

I was scared.

But we prepared. 

And then came the D-Day.

26th September.

At morning at about 11.30, we went for our document verification and then at about 5, we went for our interviews. We cleared our technical rounds and then our HR rounds. 

I remember when I was asked how was my day, I answered ‘tiring’. I was really tired. We were feeling sick. Had one of the worst headaches of my life.

Then we waited the whole might and the whole of 27th for the results. At about 7 in the evening when we were out having steam momos, one of my friends called me to tell me that I was selected. I asked her ‘what about Rohit’? She asked me to wait. And then I called her back and then she told me that he was selected as well.

We were so happy. We still are.

Our first job.

Cognizant Technology Solutions.

We thank god for giving us this opportunity and also our parents who supported us always.

Happy! Extremely Happy! 🙂


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