Artificial Intelligence: A Must Watch


Just some thoughts worth sharing:

We take so many things is our lives for granted. For most of us who are really gifted, one of those underappreciated things is our mother’s love and nurture. It was just there for us since the day we were born. We never had to long for it neither did we even have to ask for it. It was just there! Personally speaking, I am an atheist but if there is any God I have seen her in my mother and I am affirmative that you guys would agree with me on this.
But this movie has carved out all the latent pain and misery human world has to experience in the absence of a mother.
You can find critical reviews and whatnot anywhere on the internet, but here I will tell you what was the true meaning behind this Spielberg’s masterpiece.

David the main character is an artificial intelligence which can be customised for a family. He is eventually stranded in the wilderness by her own mother(classic humans!) as he was an AI and was proving to be troublesome indeed.


He then embarks on a journey to be a real boy so that his mother can love her again if he attains humanity.
After going through a lot of problems and almost getting obliterated, he eventually realises the fact that he is not a special robot and he can not become a real boy ever. The scene where he wants to end his life(even though he is a robot) is really heart wrenching and tragedic.
He is saved by his mecha friend Joe and then sees the blue ferry as his last resort which lies in underwater.But series of accidents happen and he is trapped in the ocean until his internal power drains out.


Two thousands of year later he is revived by advanced mechas and looked upon as a key to understanding the human race.
They convince him that he cannot be turned into a real boy but as he insists and thanks to his pet toy Teddy.
The advanced mechas clone her mother using her from Teddy and give David a chance to be with her mother for a whole day. That day David celebrates his birthday with her mother and on being asked to wish during blowing the candles he said;” came true already.” That scene had everything and if you cannot help yourself to be happy and feel sad at the same time.
In the last scene, he tucked in his mother to bed and heard those words for which he longed for two thousand years! “…….I love you, David. I really do!” Believe me guys that one scene can make you want to cry if you really went deep into the movie and you may debate all day long but the truth is and you know that too, that scene will make you feel lucky to have a mother and fill you up with the desire to just hold hands of your mother and never let go!


It is really a fantastic movie and a classic blend of human emotions and science fiction. This golden nugget of cinematography inarguably raised the bar for movies of the same genre, to be made in future.

I don’t know about you guys but I almost cried at the end!
No, you didn’t ??? Come on it was such an emotional scene!!!


16 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence: A Must Watch

    1. No, it is a special movie in itself as it is one of those few movies which has managed to lure its audience with its emotional screenplay alone!
      Hope you enjoy it and have a great time! 🙂

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