Hot Diamond

Stop, look at the moon,
Burning silently like a melting marsh;
Which is shining you from hot to shoon;
But do you worth it?
Sorry, am I harsh?


If yes, you need to give it a second thought,
If no, what’s keeping you low?
Former can row along my boat,
And the later one are welcome to MY SHOW!


You need  the care to gain self-trust,
and love to reassemble your broken heart;
Need friends to feel a bit of joy;
And honestly to be a man from a boy!



Look at the moon again, that does it work ;
Diligently no matter what it gets in return;
Stand up, rise, come out of dark,
Salmons don’t give up life out of fear of sharks!

No matter you failed, you learned a lot,
Aloof from mass don’t be a gerund,
Stand for your morals so did a very few;
Dot let melt away the hot diamond in you!


– A poem by Rohit Srivastava
Pic credit: Hans Braxmeier; featured image.


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