Are we too dependent on computers?

Left click to select, right click to browse the options…. Copy the favourite quote by crtl+c and paste it to share by crtl+v……experienced a funny scenario?? Must share it online…. Not talking in person but asking each other ARE YOU FINE?

This is pretty much our day to day life which starts by login in on Gmail accounts of Facebook and ends with staring at the bright screen of our tablet, phones or laptops. So when the question arises whether we are too depended on computers or not we should nod yes and admit our failure to enjoy the life as it is and being addicted by the cyber fluid.

It feels like ecstasy that we experience while going online and exploring the distant world is something that cannot be experienced in plain words and is strongly addictive. But it comes with a price as slowly the addiction reach to such heights that we start ignoring the world around us and enjoying small moments as they are. We tend to click a picture of a natural beauty rather than choosing to savour the experience itself.

Vacations are just a grand occasion of clicking lots of pictures and posting the best of them online. Why??? So that we can relive them later in the future???? Believe me buddy we don’t? Why don’t you ask yourself out of hundreds of photos you shared online how many do you have reviewed lately? The fraction is awful, isn’t it?


Moreover, the excessive typing and gaming are just adding making the situation more desolate and bleak. The abbreviations used during speed typing is sabotaging the etymological prowess and promoting a fashion of incorrect grammar use among the people especially the teenagers.

The technological advancement that was made for making our life easy and sophisticated has now become our life and a symbol of sophistication itself. Definitely this ad hoc situation is the saboteur of our proper lifestyle and inner peace, of which we are also the accomplice.

So does it mean that we should desert one of the most remarkable and astounding technological machines we ever made? Should we just forget the gift of human scientific accomplishment and move on?

NO! Nobody is neither expecting nor asking that. It is just that through this article I am trying to appeal to all the people using this Turing’s machine and the technology associated with it, not to let this alluring siren to enslave us and to keep in our mind that we are the creator of this machine and its technology. So lets be its master, because we don’t know what hell will break loose if the creation enslaves the creator.

I am not against the use of computers and the internet as it has made our life easy in ways more than we can think of. The online reservation , pre-booking of hotel seats , the GPS, the Face calling with which our kin are no longer away, the access to all the literature and artefacts, the e-books , the journals and not to forget the social networks providing us with a virtual company of our friends even when they are not with us.

But as the saying goes – ‘Excess of anything is very bad’, and I am quite sure that 2.8 Billions of photos being uploaded on social networks, mentioning of the amount of time spend online; as the contributing factor in many divorces, average time a person spends online in 9 major nations including the USA, UK and India are somewhat way over the line of ‘EXCESS’. Not to mention the psychological uneasiness the people are facing mainly the kinds due to prolong exposure to computers is a disguised call for major attention in this matter.

So, in a nutshell, yes we are too much dependent on computers and the technology associated with it and we all need to get a life and enjoy and experience it rather than letting our own creation enslave us!


Every matter at hand, every creation has its pros and cons as herbs and shrub. What we should do is water the one and try avoiding and if possible destroying the latter.


Use the power in your hand wisely as with great power comes great responsibility!

Cheers guys have a good one!


7 thoughts on “Are we too dependent on computers?

    1. Absolutely right! We need to strive for Equilibrium between our virtual and real life.
      And we are Grateful for your compliment and that you find our articles useful!

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