Reservation in Jobs For Women : Part 1

Nowadays there has been a breeze which was much-needed and longed for. The breeze of Feminism! Women are no longer lagging behind their male counterparts.
Be it jobs, sports,corporate race or even space exploration. The social fairness and the right for equal opportunities which the better halves of our society longed for has now been possible.
Most of the masculine community is quite glad about it; seeing it as the multiplication factor in the process of progress and sophistication. And even in some cases as their leader as well. But as the saying goes ‘excess of anything is very bad’, this scenario is very quickly getting out of hand as the saints of feminism are not all aloof of the seven sins of heaven. As much wrong as it is to see this healthy companionship in society as a competition between two genders, some pundits of feminism even want this to transform into a battle.

Mark these words; in our country where general category people are already on their knees by this reservation scheme of government (for ‘progress’ or to boost their vote bank, you decide!), hokum of the female reservation will prove last blow to our social imbalance.

Two businesspeople holding briefcases outdoorsNO NO and NO ! There is no need for reservation based on gender in our country and truth be told it will really be unfair for our transgender companions.
There is no need for extra credit for female contenders as they are perfectly capable of their own and full of potential to conquer the world. And if required by fair aid by their masculine counterparts!
Veni, Vidi, Vici (latin)
She came, she saw, she conquered, but on her own merit!

What do you think about this issue and how much do you agree with the points discussed above, let us know in the comment section below.

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Till then cheers guys, have a good one! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Reservation in Jobs For Women : Part 1

  1. I would say that most girls definitely don’t need reservation. But then I believe I am among the exceptions whose parents are considerate and affording enough to provide a good education. Maybe bpl girls might need some help in this regard to promote female literacy. This reservation would be helpful only in higher education and that too only for those truly need it, not for women like me. Jobs should only be based on qualifications. But then many places still fire women who get preg in India. Prejudices are there despite our best intentions. If everything should be equal then the existing inequalities should be tackled too.
    And though this is a sensitive subject, I also think reservation on the basis of caste is pointless. It should be acc. to the socio-economic status.

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    1. I completely agree with you and this article reflects the fact that women are strong enough on their own to compete in the outside world provided they are offered the same quality of education and opportunities!
      Yes, there are prejudices in Indian society and in all other countries as well. We both male and female entity of this society has to come forward to make sure this huge social gap is obliterated.
      Also, the economical thing it very true and reservation in female should be on the basis of this but it is impractical as to determine which kid worth how much money.
      No system can’t because corruption is everywhere.

      The economical parameter is the only way to go!
      How to implement it, that’s where the conundrum begins.
      Easy loans are a way to go .
      So any ideas? @confabler
      If yes please share!

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      1. There are already scales and brackets in place for deciding the financial stature of people and families. Unfortunately the corruption and vote politics in our country won’t allow the people who actually need reservation to have it. Instead there will be needless reservations.
        The loan thing would help girls who are already uplifted to some extent, not for improving female literacy rates.
        Most girls are dependent on their families to take the decision about their education for them. So social education, financial incentives for bpl girls with improving security against things like rape, eve teasing, abuse and cultural partially against women at the very basic level would take us a long way towards improving the rate. If a girl or her family feels safe, she will take the initiative to go to even far away places to seek education and good jobs. there would be no need for reservation to encourage them to do so.

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      2. Yes, absolutely right! 🙂
        So it boils down to two terms:
        Assurance and measures to ensure social security and change of peoples’ outlook via social awakening as required owing to the modernization of the world.
        Sooner this happens sooner we will be truly ‘evolved’.

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