30 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

    1. I am a pessimist but that approach is quite harsh don’t you think?
      But the sad thing is you are right!
      Greed has managed to conclude the demise of humanity!

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    1. Wasn’t given in the tag at the photographer’s page.
      Let’s think it’s from a mysterious island’s beach! 😉
      Any guesses?? 😀 🙂

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      1. You are right and the price paid had cost the human civilization dearly.
        But you got to admit the progress made can only be sustained if not increased manifolds if we learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward for construction of a better world.
        Lets not step backwards but introspect the worth of our efforts.
        Anyways true and pragmatic thoughts!
        Cheers and really thanks for the participation! 🙂 🙂

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      1. But this one is like when you open it fully the picture, the mind just wants to stare it! 🙂
        May be a place one always seeks to spend alone time in!

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