The Kiss

Would you believe your eyes,
Or be sad just to ‘sigh’;
If you learn that you can fly;
While jumping off the building this high!

Man jump

Wind swirling around, as to a kite,
Turning out the best night that it might.
When you wanted to see ‘THE LIGHT’!
Ending your life , giving up this fight.

You just wanted to kiss the floor,
Put an end to this , boring ‘chore’.
But instead, you grew slower;
And life rejoiced with a roar.

You fled without a guide,
Looked only at the brighter side;
Forget the reasons for the ‘suicide’
And then suddenly you realised.

That, life can be lived both ways,
Beautifully , by being happy and gay!
Otherwise, it may grow dull,
Every nicer thing being nulled.


Like a coin has two sides,
Whichever you may like,
Life’s journey’s like a ‘tide’,
Rise and fall , dreamy or all spikes!
I say you fly as far as you wish,
Or swim deep like a ‘NEMO’ fish,
Enjoy this life , as one may miss;
Fill this journey with love , why not a ‘KISS’ !!

 – A poem by Rohit Srivastava.

P.S.: This poem is quite close to my heart.
It was written for someone’s birthday and she liked it a lot! 😀

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